Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Learning to knit and other crafty adventures.

I've been thinking about knitting for a few months now. I blame a few things for this. My aunt opened a fabric and yarn store full of pretty yarn. Kait taught herself to knit off the internet. Then there's this...this...and this...

However I never started because honestly, I already have so many hobbies! And now that I'm back to working 6 days a week (cries) I am picking up another one? My rational is that I can do it while I snuggle on the couch with Craig and he wants to watch sports.

So I asked one of the ladies in my aquafit class to teach me. We met yesterday at the rec centre's Seniors Lounge (Yah! Cause that's how I roll!). Now I have to tell you that a) it was easier than I thought and b) it would have been easier yet if I only had one teacher.

But no, every lady there had to stop over and give her advice. And stare at my hands. And say to my teacher "You're teaching her to cast on like that? I would never do it that way you should teach her such and such." "I hope you're teaching her the proper terms, beginners never know the proper terms, you should get her a beginners book." and so on. It was actually kind of hilarious. Then after I had cast on a row they all decided that I should be using less chunky yarn and made me take it all out and start over. Yeah the lavendar wasn't mine :P. One stitch in they said "Isn't that easier? Much easier isn't it!"

Well no, I had just figured out the other yarn. Haha, but it was fun and now I'm practicing at home. Next week I'm going back for another lesson.

This is the yarn I bought. It's so soft. One of the ladies spent the whole time telling me that it couldn't be cotton and was actually acrylic. And that the problem with us young people is that we believe everything we read (as in labels that say 100% organic cotton). So That's what's what our problem is. I had been wondering.

While I was getting yarn I found this adorable fabric. I love the deer! Not sure why...

In other news I'm making a mobile out of paper circles. No I'm not preggers I just like to have a mobile in my living room. Because that's just how I am. Craig says that he likes it but that the natural paper circles look like pringles and make him hungry.