Saturday, January 17, 2009

My computer is here!

Hooray of hoorays, my computer came home from the computer doctor today! There was a bit of concern as it was sent to my old place...I was afraid it would get sent back. But happily I was able to pick it up downtown. Hooooooray.

In other news:

We went to Nelson this morning. Craig had a gift card from me to spend and he got some climbing shoes and a chalk bag for Chrisymas. He also got some winter boots as apparently school is less fun when you have cold wet feet (he's in the forest all day). I got a couple books from the used bookstore (Pippi Longstocking and a Georgette Heyer book) and tried to get makeup...but I have to wait for my pretty organic mineral dice for a couple weeks. We also had breakfast at Sidewinders (mmmm coconut chai and white chocolate scone...what, it's healthy!) and stopped at the co-op for some veggies and Green and Blacks chocolate and some of my favourite cheese. Oh and we got a green tea ginger vinaigrette dressing that's made in the Okanagan. Mmmm for food.

At work today we had a lady pass out on deck, she went all unconscious, and blue-lipped and bloody foreheaded. It was crazy. The first excitement I've had since working here actually. Nail polish massacres not withstanding.

Time to eat and then I'm switching computers!