Thursday, March 05, 2009


I have not actually updated with my life and all lately. So here's what's up with me.

- My back is slowly getting better, but still bugs me. Apparently I had a muscle spasm that pinched a couple nerves. While I was quilting. Because that's so hardcore.

- I am still working a LOT and cooking a not cleaning much. It's under control somewhat though, I no longer have that drowning feeling. I'm doing some design work, but I really need to do some art.

- Sunday was mine and Craig's 6th anniversary! We went to Nelson for brunch and a wander and then over to Ainsworth Hot Springs for a relaxing afternoon and very yummy dinner.

What I love right now?

Favourite Drink: London Fog's from Bagels and Brew. It's pretty much a steamed milk/earl grey drink for those who don't know. And our local coffee shop makes the best ever.

Favourite Music: The new Prodigy CD Invaders Must Die. So great, just as good as their old stuff.

Favourite TV: I'm addicted to Fringe, Bones and The Mentalist. Apparently I love mystery and murder these days. Also we just started watching Dollhouse on Kait's recommendation and are eagerly awaiting more episodes.

Favourite Books: I've been reading some Jane Austin...also the new Kelley Armstrong mystery Made to be Broken which I loved. In non-fiction I finished Waking the Dead by John Eldridge and it was fantastic, just what I needed. Apparently my reading is pretty well rounded these days!

That's all for now, what are you guys loving this week?