Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Future Clock

So I've decided that we need a clock. We don't have one anywhere, just the computers and microwave...alarm clocks. There is no way to know what time it is when we are just sitting around in the living room. Yes, yes I could get a watch (as Craig keeps reminding me). But as a lifeguard I just can't get in the habit anymore. So I've been on the hunt for the perfect clock. I could make one...but seriously, there are other people who make nicer ones and I really don't need to make eeeeeverything.

Which leads me to this, my perfect clock:

It's by Decoy Lab and is also available at Fey Handmade (which is an adorable new online shop). I love it. It's so adorably folksy and cheerful. It can live up with all my prints on the wall, be lovely and tell time. Love love love. Happily Craig also loves. Must go check bank account.

Some other cute clocks by Decoy Lab, that don't want to live in my house...but maybe want to live in yours: