Thursday, March 19, 2009

Speaking of Underwater...

I've been learning to Kayak at the pool this week. When I was in Explore we did a few days of whitewater kayaking and it was good fun. Never quite figured out how to do the roll though. There's a kayaking group that has lessons at the pool and I've been watching them for a while, then this Sunday they did an inservice for us, and yesterday I wasn't working during the lesson for once, so I went and played!

It's hard work, not muscles I usually use, I have quite a few bruises on my legs and permenant water in my ears, but I feel great! Fun to be doing something so physically challenging.

I can't even smell chlorine usually. I spend so much time at the pool that when I walk in it nothing. I always smell like it too, if I am away from the pool for a couple days and then go for a run...I sweat chlorine.

I have got so much water up my nose that I can still smell it. Makes me almost nostalgic...

So, it's not for everyone. And I still can't roll...but I'm really really close!

Next week.

Oh and I reformatted my computer to get rid of viruses, now I'm reloading everything on. Good times.