Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I've been wandering around thrift stores lately for amusement, here's my favourite finds :)

This is a great copy of Pinocchio with the original text (translated of course) and illustrated by Greg Hildebrandt. It was published in 1986 and other than a small crack in the binding it's in great shape. The illustration are just so lush and vibrant, I love it. And it cost me a dollar. Score!

And next, I wanted a decorative tin to keep crackers in. I went back and forth between thrifting and buying a pretty new one but in the end thrifting is a) more fun b) cheaper and c) more eco-friendly. So I found this baby for 99 cents. I rather love it. It has a photo of Lake Louise on the top and the sides are circled with little illustrations for each province of Canada. Delightful. Anyone know anything about McGavin's Princess Fruit Cake? I'm curious when it would have been sold orginally.

I'm going to try and find a couple more tins. But that is it. I am not a tin collector. Do not give me tins. I repeat, no buying boxes of tins for Hanna at garage sales!

These last ones aren't actually vintage, they're reproduction posters from the 30's made into 6x8 greeting cards and were on sale for $2 each. I'm going to frame them up and add them to my art collage wall. The sales lady seemed pretty unimpressed with me for not planning on mailing them to anyone.

Treasure hunting is such fun!