Monday, May 25, 2009

Almost every day in May? - May 23 & 25

Alright May 22 I was working on a big painting of the olympic mascots for the parade float for the rec centre. No images. Yesterday I just wasn't home. I was at Church and then we spent the day in Nelson celebrating my Mom's birthday (we were back again today celebrating Barb's birthday...maybe that's enough gas usage for a bit...although I do love hanging out in Nelson).

Anyway, Mom said that she wanted something for her garden. So I painted her a garden friend...and some eggs...

And framed her a print of The Princess and the Pea, because it is her favourite. I included a little quote from the story to help it fit the frame nicer.

Then this morning at work I was feeling French. In a "let them eat cake!" kind of way. Apparently.

And I was doing so well! I'll try to have no more hiccups this month!