Friday, May 15, 2009

Every Day in May - Day 14 & 15

You didn't get a post yesterday because we had a big fat power outage. Leading to a night of candlelit boggle playing. Is that not what everyone does when the lights go out?

Painted these at work yesterday and today:

While I was painting the second one this morning, a couple of boys, about 5 years old sat down on the other side of the window to watch me paint. I don't think they knew that I could hear them through the glass.

boy #1: Look, she's painting! It's a fish! And a flower!

boy #2 (with an "it's sad that you're so stupid air"): Is not a flower! This is the ocean, it is a starfish!

1: Oh. Look a turtle! And those things I think are tiny volcanoes!

2: They are not volcanoes! This is under the ocean! They are coral!

1: Oh. What's coral?

2: It shoots out little spikes and kills fish and eats them.

1: What do those do? (points at the anemones)

2: They explode and kill fish and eat them.

1: How do they explode?

2: With chemicals.

1: What is that? (points at another part of the window).

2: Hmm I don't know.

They ponder together for a moment.

2: It is seaweed. It doesn't kill fish.

1: Eep! The lady smiled at me!