Thursday, August 20, 2009

When I yawn it hurts my bellybutton

And other adventures in pregnancy....

- 12 weeks. My baby is the size of a plum apparently.
- Still puking. Not every day anymore. But I did today. Yaaaay.
- I am eating a lot of peanut butter. And Triskets. But not together.
- I am still crap and cooking...and cleaning...and drawing. That's partly from working full time evenings though. Can't blame the baby for everything.
- I think I will restart yoga this fall as I feel all out of alignment lately (by which I mean my back...not my energy...or chi...or whatever).
- I had a dream last night that I was keeping a baby goat and other farm animals in my closet. To be more sustainable.

Also, if you are someone who loves me and is going to buy the baby presents (such as my family members lurking around out there...I know you read this blog even if you neeeever comment) I've started a wish list to give you ideas of what we need: Sandvig Baby Wishlist
I will add to it as I think of things. Here's some general requests:
- Please nothing disposable. And nothing plastic unless it's on the list. Or electronic/battery operated. I want to keep those things to an abosolute minimun so I'm a bit picky about it.
- Yes to things like: wooden and cloth toys, nice organic things, handmade gifts.

Also I am on the lookout for used items in nice shape (but not right away as we have no room until we move) such as a light coloured crib (cream or light wood would be awesome) a decent stroller and a rocker or glider.

Hmmm...I do mean to blog more! I'll try and take photos of the awesome mobile I finally finished and post this weekend. Love you all!