Sunday, September 27, 2009

18 Weeks

Apparently I've reached that stage where a male co-worker can say "You're starting to get pudgy!" as a compliment. That actually doesn't bother me. Nor does having my friends rub my tummy. Here's what bothers me:

- When people ask how I am...but don't actually want to know. They just want me to say "Awesome!" in a glowy pregnant fashion. Anything less will get me a story about them or some other pregnant girl who either a)Threw up 8 times a day and was put on bed rest, hospitalized weekly etc (which means I am a wuss). Oooor b)Had a perfect pregnancy and worked/ran/something amazing every day up until giving birth. And probably also the day after (which means....I am a wuss). Please do not ask if you don't care. Just tell me I look pudgy in a cheerful voice, it's preferable.

- When I tell people I'm pregnant and they look surprised and say "really?". Especially people who knew me before. So they apparently think I am fat? It's a mystery.

Seriously though, I am feeling much better than last month and it's nice to be "showing" finally. I have my second ultrasound next week which will be cool, and in the meantime I am doing regular Hanna type things such as preserving tons of autumn food (and eating them, there is nothing as yummy as an apple from a wild orchard picked and eaten on a sunny day!), drawing, working and catching up on all the TV premiers.

Love to you all!