Tuesday, October 20, 2009

21 Weeks and a new house

Hey look, I'm past the halfway mark!
Here's what I'm doing:
- Making lots of apple sauce.
- Going for pretty fall walks (pictures to come).
- Drawing but not sharing. Although I'll have one to show you soon.
- Working.

Here's what I'm not doing:
- Cleaning my house. It's tragic.

In other news, we are moving in a month! We currently live in a very nice but very small basement suite which lacks some things we need for baby time. Such as two bedrooms...and soundproofing. So happily a friend of mine from work hooked me up with her parent's rental house. It's a cute little two bedroom a little bit out of town. We can paint it. And a get a kitten! It has things I've previously taken for granted but greatly miss at the moment, like a bathtub and a washer and dryer. Also there is a full unfinished basement, which is lovely as it means that my freezer will no longer live in the living room and my canning in the bathroom. So here's a little tour, what colours do you think I should paint it?

You go in a little entryway (which also has the door to the basement) and enter the kitchen. Which is not hugely huge, but nice. And big enough for my table, which I miss.

The kitchen leads to the first bedroom (nursery) and the living room.

Nursery. The wood paneling will go. It shares a closet through a sneaky arrangement with the master bedroom. So we will just take that over. But it does have this little cabinet thing, and a linen closet.

Living Room. One wall of wood which miiiight stay. Very nice views of the horse pasture and the river. Leads to the master bedroom (obviously on the same side as the nursery)

And leads to another little entryway between the back door and the bathroom.

Master bedroom. Two big windows, so lots of nice light.

Bathroom. Nothing fancy. But ooooh a bathtub.

So there you go. It also has tiny little over-run garden bits all around the house that I might work on if I am feeling adventurous next spring.