Saturday, October 03, 2009


So I work afternoon/evenings. And when I get home we curl up with tea and watch a saved TV show. It is delightful cuddle time. And we are apparently now TV addicts. What are you guys watching so far this season? We are all about:
Lie to Me
Big Bang Theory
The Mentalist
aaand Dollhouse (which has improved since the beginning of season one, by the way)

Defying Gravity (if it comes back on...I super hope it hasn't got the axe)
So you think you can Dance Canada (and this is just me...Craig refuses to have any part of it)
NCIS - I have been resisting, because seriously, we watch too many shows. But dude, did you see the season premiere? Epic. Now I have to watch. It's unfair.
Those other Monday sitcoms...because I'm waiting for Big Bang Theory, but not really paying attention...

What I am not watching:
Grey's Anatomy - Maybe I'll start again...but it lost me near the end of last season. Seriously, she was having sex with a ghost. Seriously.
Lost...or Heroes for that matter - why couldn't they manage more than two seasons of cool?
Glee - I tried to watch an episode because it gets so much love. I just didn't get it.
Terminator or Life - Because they got cancelled. Jerks.
Chuck - Because it doesn't come back on till March. March! Well at least I'll have something to watch in March.

Also, why is it impossible for anyone on crime dramas to ever get past the tension and actually have a relationship! They are all the same. It's full of sadness.

Okay that is all. I swear I have a life.