Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Wishlist

For those of you who are buying us gifts and want to know what we would still like. The rest of you can just look at the pretty colours.

Two tips:
1) Good = handmade items, wooden toys, cloth toys, organic things.
2) Bad = Please nothing disposable. And nothing plastic unless it's on the list. Or electronic/battery operated. I want to keep those things to an absolute minimum so I'm a bit picky about it.

1) Clothes - Nothing in 0-3 as she's almost out of them already.

2) Kid's Storage Containers from the Land of Nod. I like: orange, red, brown, light blue, light green and pink. They are about $8 each. I specifically like these ones because they come in nicer colours than other versions I've seen.

3) Toys by Blah Blah Blah. I specifically love mini-bubbles and mini-peeko. Bumbletree in Cranbrook has some of these as well.

4) Diaper Sprayer. Because I think it would be cool to minimize my poo to hand contact. Yes we are using cloth diapers, more on that in another post. People speak highly of this brand.

5) Swaddling Blankets These ones are very nice, they also have some at Bumbletree that are very nice. I don't want the funny velcro ones, I want ones that are actually blankets.

6) Books! We are however a book family and we are excited to start baby's library. We would love anything by Dr. Seuss or whatever your favourite kids book is ! When in doubt,here is our amazon wishlist.