Monday, March 15, 2010

2 Weeks

It's hard to believe that little S is two weeks old already! I am starting to get used to sleeping in 2-3 hour chunks, my stitches are 90% better and breastfeeding is getting easier (by which I mean less painful).

This would be how Craig keeps her distracted when she's hungry and I'm getting settled down to nurse. She's not fooled by fingers but there's something about a nose...

I've been feeling very well taken care of during my recovery. Craig is an awesome dad and my mom came up the first weekend (when Craig was at work) and made me food, washed my floors and held my baby at night...and then thanked me for letting her come. The church brought us meals for a week which was very nice, even though everyone brought a whole 6 person salad...I'm not sure how we will eat all the salad!

And by now I'm feeling quite human. We've started going for walks, and I went downtown with little S for the first time today (to show her off at the pool, naturally.

Good thing I started getting out again, I had no idea that I had crocuses and snowdrops blooming in the yard already. The grey grey winter is almost over!