Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Gear - My undiaper bag

So here's the thing about diaper bags. They are ugly. Even the ones that pretend to be trendy. In my opinion. Because I'm just not into a pink and brown polka dotted nylon bag. However, my tiny purse just wasn't going to cut it for mommyhood. Thus I had an Epiphanie (har har) that instead of looking at diaper bags I'd look at camera bags. They are a similar size and after little S got older, I would just use it for my camera. And my wonderful cousin Barb sent me a link to Epiphanie Camera Bags. And my equally wonderful parents bought one for me! So pretty! I have the Ginger bag, and it's a great size for me. It's not as big as some diaper bags but that's a good thing. If I have a big bag I will fill it, and my back is sore enough these days. There are pockets all around the outside and the inside has dividers that you can move around with velcro. Very clever, very lovely. I kinda want a second one now. You know, for my camera. It's just as hard to find a camera bag that isn't ugly as a diaper bag.

Now while I am telling you about how wonderful these bags are, you should head over and check out their contest. You can win a sweet camera!