Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh Organization...

Have you ever thought "I need cheap shelving and I don't care what it looks like!"? My basement is a crazy place as we moved in my third trimester and I've just been hucking things I don't want to deal with down there for the past 5.5 months. So I got this idea from apartment therapy. Somewhere. It's just boxes with binder clips holding them together. I have a lot of very sturdy boxes that are all the same size, so that worked well. I might take the flaps off them still but we'll see (it's more work and makes them unusable as moving boxes).

If you try this at home (and I recommend it if you want a $4.50 storage solution) set it up where you want it to live, it doesn't move well. I'm going to make another one this week I think. Everything is still in boxes, but at least it will be accessible!