Saturday, June 05, 2010

A Very Baby Update

Little S is over 3 months old! This is a very exciting time for the following reasons:

Grandparents came to visit all the way from Chile. Very exciting stuff!

First swimming adventure! Closely followed by first time to the hot springs which was met with a bit more enthusiasm. Apparently swimming is a bit strange but altogether acceptable.

Dedication at Church (this is different than a cristening, by the way. The idea with a dedication is that we agree to raise our child to know and love God and our family and church agree to support and pray for us.) This is us with Pastor Cindy.

Daddy is hilarious! And instead of laughing she likes to cough. I'm not kidding, she thinks that's how you laugh.

She does occasionally bust out a real giggle though, Craig had her sniffing flowers at the japanese garden in New Denver (more photos to come) and she thought that they were the funniest thing ever.

We go for lots of hikes and wanders. Apparently the pouch sling is a cozy and wonderful place to hang out. She likes to hold onto the side and peek out at the world as it goes by.

And that's all the fun from these parts! Hmmm, I apparently need to work on taking photos of the three of us. I had two of us down pat, but it's an extra element of difficulty now!