Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Houses Commissions

Hi guys! It's a little crazy around here this week, my cousin (and her two year old) came over to help me paint my kitchen and my daughter is teething hardcore (crying fits,'s pretty awesome). Good times. Also my printer died. I couldn't just choose a cheap printer, I really want the Epson Stylus R1900. It can print on canvas! And do 13x44 inch prints! And it's shiny! (By the way, if you have an opinion on this printer, I'm all ears). And I need to save up some change. Anyone want a picture?

I've been drawing these cute little houses lately, and I'm really enjoying them. If you want a 5x7 of your house done in this style it is only $25! Full colour, print sized jpg. All you have to do is take a snapshot of your house (or condo, or barn, whatever you live in) and I will make it cute. Even if it is not cute to start with. I'm that good. Send me an email if you're interested! hannasandvig @ (remove the spaces)