Saturday, December 11, 2010

A little baby update

My baby girl is 9.5 months old. How did this happen? Here's what's going on in Babyland:

Food baby-led weaning is awesome! She eats three meals a day now, and usually a fair bit. For breakfast she will happily polish off a cup or so of fruit, a half cup of yogurt, a scrambled egg and then starts asking for some of my breakfast. She also loves sausage, roasted beets and squash and carrots. Oh and Perogies. That would be pumpkin perogie on her face in the photo. She nurses four times a day and I think is going to be down to three soon (this means I can wear an underwire when I am out of the house, hallelujah!).

Swimming Once a week. She loooves it. She goes underwater without a fuss and loves to splash around. I'm so happy that she's a water baby!

Teeth Four. Both the middle teeth on top and bottom. Another on top to follow shortly. I really hope it's very shortly, she's cranky about it.

Crawling Still not really crawling. She can squirm backwards, roll and scoot on her bum. I think this is coming very soon as well, she's really trying hard. Like the teeth I hope she gets this soon as it's making her cranky.

Also She sleeps nicely, repeats words we say sometimes (tickle?), points and laughs at us (dang it), loves the kitty and faceplanted the cement in the basement on Thursday while trying to get him. Life is not boring!