Monday, February 28, 2011

My Top 7 Books About Babies

So little miss S is one today!. I thought that some of you might appreciate a couple posts on baby gear and such, so we start with books.

My theory on parenting was to read a lot (okay that's my theory on most things). I prefer books that deal with facts about developement and how babies grow and learn, as opposed to too many books that tell you how what to do. I like to know as much as I can about what's going on in her little baby brain and body, and from that decide what the best way to deal with it is.

Here are my favourite pregnancy books:

1)Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
Just what it sounds like. The first half is birth stories and the second half is explaining exactly what your body does when you give birth. This may sound traumatizing, but it's a fantastic book and very...empowering? A rather feminist word but it fits here.

2)Real Food for Mother and Baby
I loved Real Food, so I ordered this one in. It covers your nutritianal needs from fertility to babies first foods. I have read it twice, and then each section again as I am at that stage. Love it. Totally not overwhelming either, as it is all just real food. Well, a little overwhelming when you puke everyday, but still good to know.

I also think it's nice to have a week by week pregnancy book, although I thought the one I had was a bit outdated and annoying.

And for the first year:

3)The BabyCenter Essential Guide to Your Baby's First Year
This was a nice general milestones book. It's cool because it has polls from parents from it's website that give you a nice idea of what's average for each month.

4)The Happiest Baby on the Block
Buy this book if you have a fussy/colicy baby. No, actually, take it out of the library. It's super boring and you don't need to read it more than once. However, for us, this book was gold. This book taught us how to make our baby stop screaming. It also has a bunch of information on colic and mental development and I didn't read any of that. Because I was too stressed out about my screaming child.

5)The Wonder Weeks
Another book regarding fussy babies. The idea is that sometimes babies are cranky not because of growth spurts or teething or any of the other things that your loved ones, neighbours, and complete strangers will tell you. They go through fussy periods due to jumps in mental developement. And this book tells when they happen and what the baby is learning. I found it super boring to read, however it has been dead on for us with each mental jump. It doesn't make her happy, but at least I know why she's upset and don't worry that I'm a horrible mother.

6)The No-Cry Sleep Solution
I'm not endorsing her exact methods, because I have no idea if they work (although they sound good). We were blessed with a baby who likes to sleep (when it's not a wonder week!). What I like is that this book explains how babies sleep and what is reasonable to expect at each age.

7)Baby Led Weaning
For those who think it's a good idea to let their babies start on real food instead of boring rice cereal goop. It's worked amazingly for us.

I might have read twice this many books (okay I read at least 20 books on pregnancy, baby gear and childbirth), but these are the ones I found truely useful. Hope that it's helpful for some of you!