Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Five

So I do a lot of posting pretty Etsy links, and I thought that this week I would post five things that I've actually purchased off of Etsy and love:

1)A Walking Snowstorm by The Brilliant Magpie.
Pretty and $5. Nice.

2)Changing Pads by Hip Baby Pad
These are really fantastic. They are little changepads that fold up really small. They are cute. They are soft and no pee soaks through them. All I needed. I could change Little S in her car seat with these.

3)Kimono Style Robe in Darling Jardin Bleu by Plum Pretty Sugar
Because when you have a newborn you might spend a lot of time in a robe (or at least I did) so it might as well be really pretty. Love. Although it was a bit shorter then I thought it would be.

4)Holiday Cards for 2010 - A Winter's Ride by The Black Apple
I didn't send them out though. I'm hoarding them. And one will get framed for my Christmas art collection that I'm working on.

5)Perry Purse by Bayan Hippo
Okay, so I just bought this and it hasn't shipped yet. I assume I will love it. I needed something smaller for when I'm out without Little S and don't need to lug diapers and spare clothes around.