Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

Here's some details from my current project:

In other news:
- Sick sick sick. I am so over this winter, we have been sick for most of it. Little S is disgustingly snotty and has trouble sleeping because of her cough. Bah.
- I made cannelloni last night with homemade spinach noodles and homemade lemon ricotta. I was too sick to clean the house, but apparently not too sick to make yummy food.
- My house is a mess.
- I am feeling very very creative and very insecure about my freelancing. I want to draw all day long but worry that I won't ever get to the point where I'm making real money at it. This will pass. I think some sunshine would help!
- We have been watching a lot of Merlin.
- I am out of chocolate.
- Little S has learned to shake her head. Sometimes for "no". Sometimes just for fun. It's tricksy.