Saturday, July 02, 2011

Continuing Adventures In Cloth Diapering

For today's classy photo, here is S in her pj top and underwear playing with shoes in the entryway. Her favourite game ever, by the way. I thought it was time for an update, considering that she's in panties part time these days and my cloth diaper last post was at the five month mark. So here's how it's going.

- I'm still using only Applecheeks diapers and I still love them. She never leaks or blows out of them. Love the colours. Love that all my diapers are the same. This makes it an easy learning curve for everyone in her life. Also, she can't get the snaps undone and she can pull a disposable off.

- We constantly battle rash. I don't blame the cloth diapers for this, I blame the eczema. She also rashes in disposables but yeast rashes are trickier with cloth. I find that if I boil all my inserts and then dry them in the sun it kills the yeast. But you can reinfect the diapers again if the rash isn't cleared up. So lame. Thus if she get's a yeast rash she usually gets a week in disposables while it clears up. I hate this, but it works.

- I can tell the difference if I don't put her in unscented hypoallergenic (read: expensive) disposable diapers. And I have to change her every couple hours still. There is no way we could afford disposables full time (we use them for rashes and when we will be out of the house for more than a couple prevent rashes), even if we wanted to.

- S has a skinny bum but is tall for her age. Cloth diapers keep her pants up!

- As mentioned, she has been battling diaper rashes since she started solids. We've tried taking her off dairy and wheat (she doesn't get any soy to speak of anyway) and it doesn't seem to help. She has also had nasty peanut butter poo (sorry, but this is a diaper post) since around her birthday. This makes her rash more, and us crazy. She often screams bloody murder when we change her. We are all so over diapers, no matter how cute.


Early Potty Training
We started at about 14 months and I'm using the method from Diaper Free Before 3 in which you pretty much just get your baby used to sitting on a potty at regular times and they gradually get the hang of it. It requires a consistency I've been having trouble with at this point but I'm hoping to get her daytime trained this summer. She hates being wet and seems pretty aware of her functions, so I think we can do it. She gets pretty excited when she pees on the potty :)

I'm not trying to train her early to prove how awesome we are, I'm just really tired of fighting diaper rash. I think it will be healthier for her to be potty trained and I don't really care if "I'm the one who's trained, not her" as everyone says about early training. I have to deal with the mess anyways, it might as well be in a potty!

Hrm, so yes, that's diaper time over here. Exciting, neh?