Sunday, August 28, 2011

It is Warm

Although I know I shouldn't complain about the beautiful sunny August we've had. But when you are prego and ill's just warm. I'm looking forward to fall, which is always my favourite time of year.

Life in point form
- Still ill, not as much, but still ill. And starting to feel rather pregnant looking. Which is good because I hate the "is she just chubby?" phase. But unfortunate as I seem to be running out of shirts.

- I made myself an excellent shirt, will post later.

- We spend an or so most afternoons in the kiddie pool. If I had more energy we would make it to the beach, but...kiddie pool it is. S looooves it.

- S has started to make animal noises in addition to knowing animal names. Still doesn't call us mama or dada. We just aren't as fun as horsies?

- Still busy drawing things I can't share, but will be revealed soon I think!

- When I'm pregnant I can take or leave chocolate. It's very unsettling to not be craving it all the time.

- Choosing a baby name is hard.

- Oh look, it's nap time!