Friday, August 05, 2011


So a month or so ago, my aunt bullied us all into having family photos done. And by all of us I mean my 40 some aunts, uncles, cousins and assorted others. I'm very excited to see the whole set, but here's the sneak peek of our little family. Photos by Natalie Santano, who did a lovely job of keeping us all organized.

Notice the strategically placed toddler? That's because our little family is growing! Another little Sandvig will be joining us early February (making me just pregnant enough to look like a giant roll in photos, very attractive). Which, for those of you keeping track, will be a couple weeks shy of S's second birthday. Kills me how old she looks in these photos. Who stole my baby and where did this...kid come from?

In other news I am really quite ill again. Yay. I gave in a couple weeks ago and went on diclectin (which wasn't much of an option last time around with no health benefits). There is a whole lot less throwing up since then, but still a lot of sleeping and just...getting by. I'm reading a lot. However, since I started on the diclectin I have been able to start cooking more like a normal Hanna again which is nice. It was getting a bit warm to keep eating frozen pizza's anyway.

And that's my excuse for being such a crap blogger of late. I've been too busy sleeping, and trying to keep my food down. Gestating sure is hard work!