Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Yay, I finally get to show you these pretties! This was a very fun project for me :) Sandie Bricker, who writes delightfully amusing girly Christian novels, commissioned me to draw 6 wedding cakes for her. The idea is that Emma, her diebetic wedding cake baking heroine, is getting married in the final book of her series (I so far have read, and am full of love for, book one: Always the Baker, Never the Bride). Sandie is running a contest where you get to pick which cake you think Emma should have for her wedding. If you win, not only does your favourite cake feature in the book, you get written in as a character who helps Emma choose. So fun! Sadly I am uneligable. These are my three favourite cakes of the bunch (especially the cupcakes, I love pink and gold these days) but you can see them all on Sandie's contest page.