Friday, December 30, 2011

Did you have yourself a merry little Christmas?

Because I did. And I'm leaving my tree up for another week. Because I like it.
Hey guess what? I'm having a baby soon (photographic proof above. I am in fact ginormous. My adorable cousin and sister in law are doing their best to catch up), It turns out that February 6th is only 5 weeks away. To which my brain goes "eeeek" but the rest of me goes "oh thank you". This child is killing me slowly. Of course so did little S, and look how cute she turned out!

Oh wait, maybe this one:
Photoshoots with toddlers are the best.

 Before I bring this little person into the world I need to get a few things done. So I thought I would share.

To Do (before going into labour):
- Finish Bassinet. (probably soon, I think I only have an hour or two of sewing left on it)
- Wash all the gender neutral baby clothes (yes I washed them before putting them away. But I will wash them again. Nesting)
- Wash all the little cloth diapers (ditto)
- Rearrange the nursery to make room for diapers and baby clothes. (Or maybe our room? Not sure.)
- Pick up car seat.
- Make and freeze copious amounts of food. Such as:
    + Carrot Pineapple Muffins
    + Bran Muffins
    + Burritos
    + Cannelloni
    + Spanikopita

 That's not too bad. Perhaps I will make some muffins tonight. After I have a bath... Anyone got any suggestions for yummy food to freeze for those crazy newborn days? Bonus points if I can eat it with one hand while nursing. S has lots of food for me, but it all seems to be invisible. At least it's fat free?