Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mother's Day

I forgot to share these photos I took for Mother's Day.  I'm all about catching that evening light this spring.  In other news:
- I am super tired, Little A is going through her 4 month fussy period/sleep regression.  It's not too terrible, but it is taking it's toll on sleep.
- I cut Craig's hair last night.  He has been bugging me to try since, well we got married pretty much.  I watched this tutorial and finally worked up the nerve.  Looks not bad!
- I've been off dairy and wheat for almost a month now to see if little A's rashiness is food related.  Sadly, it is as her diaper rash cleared up within days and her eczema is nearly gone now too.  I'm back on wheat this weekend to see if it's that or the dairy (I'm pretty sure it's the dairy).
- On a related note, I only have 3 more lbs of baby weight to lose!  Apparently not eating anything I like helps me lose weight faster.  Okay that's a lie, I have bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning, which is no sacrifice!  Now I just have the weight from my first pregnancy to deal with...