Friday, June 08, 2012

3rd and 27th Month updates!

(I wrote this up for Hellobee, but I thought you guys would like a baby update as well!)

Little A is 4 months old.  I know, crazy!  Here's what she's been up to in the past month:

- Giggles!
- She can roll really well from back to front, but often forgets how to get back again and gets upset :(  As soon as I help her out, she flips over to her front again.
- She sits nicely in her bumbo and loves the playgym.
- She enjoys grabbing and chewing on her toys (especially Sophie).
- She can reach her toes.

- We are just at the tail end of a month long Wonder Week, so her naps have been tricky.  She prefers to be held, and prefers it to be me that does the holding.  This makes getting anything done rather tricky so I was very grateful to have Craig's parents around this month to help out!  She's just old enough now to be in the Ergo without the insert, so that will help me get things done while she naps (the insert makes it higher, and hard to see over).  I'm hoping to start transitioning her to napping on her own over the next month.
- She's sleeping decently at night.  She tends to fall asleep around 8:30-9:30, then generally wakes up twice to feed but falls back to sleep immediately.  She seems to be sneaking into bed for snuggles after her early morning feed because she's a restless morning sleeper.
- She's a bit rough with the blankets, so we've ditched the swaddle for a sleep sack.  To avoid her strangling herself with her blanket.

- Nursing is going well.  It feels like she's eating less but that's just the nature of this age, she's becoming more efficient!  
- She was 12 lbs 9.5 oz at her four month check up, which makes her just under the 50th and her height (which I need to look up...) was just over the 50th.  She's growing well and keeping to her curve!
- Cutting dairy and wheat out of my diet cleared up her eczema and diaper rash.  Also helped me lose nearly all the baby weight!  I do miss cheese however.

Little S just finished her 27th month.  She had such a fun time this month having her grandparents here, now she has to adjust to less playmates around the house again.

She sings along to music.  She especially likes “I’ve got this friend”  by The Civil Wars
- She is loving the good weather and wants to be outside all the time.  We got her a little plastic rake and shovel and she loves helping in the garden.
- Cooking is her favourite thing and she loves to help in the kitchen.  Especially if there is chocolate involved.

- She has her colours down about 90% of the time now.
- She is very interested in what belongs to whom.  She will point to all our chairs and name who sits in them.
- She can count to four.  Sometimes.  But I'm pretty sure she has no idea what it means.
- She will often pick up a book and mimic reading it.  She does pretty well at remembering what happens in eat book and often has the rhythm and tone down even if she doesn't know the words.

- We've taken away the tray on her booster seat and moved her right up to the table.  She hardly uses her fingers anymore and usually has a proper plate or a pyrex glass bowl.
- Since we restricted her snacking to fruits, veggies and cheese (no more crackers!), her eating at meal times has really improved.

- This is where I've really noticed a change since Little A was born.  She gets less attention, and she's clingier at bedtime.  Since Little A hit this fussy stage, Little S gets even Less attention than before (from me, anyway) so she's even more clingy at bedtime and even at naps which have never been a problem before this.  She needs time with both Craig and I alone for a bit at bedtime and still often takes a couple hours to settle.  I'm really hoping we can get this resolved soon!

So that's the last month with my adorable little girls.  I love them soooo very much!