Monday, July 09, 2012

5 and 29 Month Updates

Little A is now 5 months old!  I feel like for the most part things have just been holding steady this month, but here’s what she’s been up to:
We just started her in the Jolly Jumper and she loooves it.  She also really loved the exersaucer at our family reunion last week, but I’m unsure of whether I want to devote precious floor space to another tripping hazard.
One time we gave her a little ball to hold, and she laughed at it for half an hour.  Babies are weird.
She’s still rolling over to her front and getting stuck.  Today she rolled off her sister’s bed!  Luckily it’s a floor bed over carpet, but she was pretty scared and I felt super bad, but S was peeing on the floor!  Keeping it real over here…
She’s been kinda fussy, which I put down to teething and general 4 month crankiness.  I worry that she isn’t nursing enough, but she clearly is getting enough to eat so I’m trying to be chill about it.  1 more month till solids!  She keeps trying to steal off my plate, so it should be fun times.
To put it lightly, sleeping has been a hellish nightmare.  It’s just all fallen apart.  Her naps are brutal; she will only nap in the baby carrier while I’m moving, and even then it’s a fight.  She wakes up more and more at night and this week did three nights in a row of waking up Every. Single.  Hour. Good times.  Little S was a mess at this age too, and then at 6 months magically became an angel baby.  If this doesn’t happen with Little A, there will be tears.  I mean, more tears.

Little S is now 29 months old!
Her vocabulary continues to explode at a crazy rate, and she uses lots of full sentences and descriptions.  It’s super fun!  I love the cute things she says wrong, and am always sad when she learns to speak correctly.  For example, she calls smoothies “moosies” and people apparently drive “hiccup trucks.”  She can also recite more and more correctly from her favourite books.
Nothing much to report, she’s eating well and enjoying that fresh fruit is in season!
It’s all about being outside, all the time!  Unfortunately there’s been a lot of rain this spring.  She loves running around the house playing soccer with her daddy, and when we get outside there is nothing more fun than bubbles!
Her sleep has been awesome for over 2 weeks now, even at our week-long family reunion, which I was very stressed out about.  She’s getting probably 2 more hours of sleep a day, which has made her a much happier kid overall.  She has a high sleep need, so I’m just really relieved to see her sleeping well.

And my own personal milestone?  I’ve officially lost all my baby weight from Little A!  It feels great!  I still have a ways to go to get back to my original pre-children weight, so hopefully it just keeps going down.
PS: I swore I would never dress my girls to match, but they got these dresses from my Gramma, and I have to admit, they’re pretty cute!