Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Five

Well, I'm in the kootenays today running amuck, but just because I love you all, I found these earlier this week:

1)'s hard to explain, so here's the official blurb "Hold a world in the palm of your hand. Developed by NASA, the EcoSphere is a complete, closed bio-regenerative ecological system, sealed in hand blown glass. Contains earth, water, air, and life (algae, shrimp, and microbes that provide each other with nutrients). All it needs to sustain itself is indirect sunlight."

2)Another growy thing is the Greenlight, it's a combination chandelier, air purifier and terrarium. And it's preeeetty glowy and green!

3)Because I am apparently obessed with cakes...I want these pans! By Williams-Sonoma , they have a beehive, a train, and a sandcastle pan!

4)GUITOU THE CAT, is a vinyl decal with a variety of...kitty adventures. I should have got's a rental friendly kitty.

5)The Ecobook by Asus. It's all eco-friendly, and modular so you can replace bits easily..I want a bamboo laptop!