Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Five

So if you live in BC, you now have to pay for your gas BEFORE you fuel up. What the heck?! Apparently a couple years ago, some kid working at a gas station tried to stop a guy from leaving without paying and was dragged a few kilometers behind the car...and died. I say that is just crazy. No one should be that dedicated to their job! Anyway, now I have to guess how much gas I need before I fuel up, which is just annoying.

Aaaanyway, Friday Five!

1)Watch this video, as it is very amusing!

2)HABA Russian Blocks Set. How fun is this?! Aaaand, not $100 like those other blocks I posted.

3) A moldable mouse :) I think it's just a concept right now, but very cool.

4)Monster Hoodies!

5)You can buy templates for these cute paper boxes at A Little Hut