Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Five

Hrm, sorry about the lack of posting. Going through some personal issues over here. Nothing that will kill me, but prayers are always appreciated.

In other news, I am working on three webpages, a commission, sewing a dress (haha, because I know how? no!) and baking bread to have with supper.

Friday Five:

1)Ink and Wit...Yes I love this letterpress print so much that I dipped into my camera fund and ordered it. It will live on my wall and I will love it foreeeeever.

2)I love this set (cup, saucer, bowl and plate) by Gustaf Nordenskiƶld and how it looks like it's overflowing :)

3)This is Sally the monkey cup cozy, by MonkeyTravelClub :)

4)Little Bloom Bowl by lgbrinkley

5)And for todays randomness: The vacuum mouse! For those pesky crumbs on your desk.