Sunday, July 16, 2006

Don't tell Charli

I'm going to assume she doesn't read my blog...because when I finish things I must show them immediately! And I've already shown too much self restraint this week by not showing off the things I did for my mom, cause they're not public yet. So I have to show off this one, even though it's part of my package for the secret gift exchange on EE.

Hmmm...otherwise I have been doing a lot of cleaning...washed floors, washed out fridge (eew, tipped pickle jar! ew!) scrubbed bathroom and whatnot. Mmmmm.

The window went pretty well yesterday but I forget my camera so I'll take pics on Thursday on my way to the doctor. I found a lady doctor to take me on, so yaaaay.

Um, and I am coming down with a cold. Officially. I must buy a huge jug of pulpy orange juice and drink as much as possible.