Monday, July 17, 2006

Today was Fantastic!

Oh wait, that's a lie. Today was total crap.

Reasons Why today was total crap:

-I woke up at 3:30am

-I did not fall back asleep until 6:43am

-I had a panicked nightmare in which I was choking on my own vomit (sleep deprivation makes me queasy, and I had a co-worker die this way a while ago) and I couldn't talk or move and Craig was right there but I couldn't wake him up to save me.

-I work up in a cold sweat to my alarm at 7:00am

-Went to work cranky and sarcastic from lack of sleep (much like my entire grade 12 year)

-Supervisor was cranky because another staff member quit without notice.

-Cashier was cranky because the weekend & evening cashiers had messed up a bunch of lesson stuff (today was the first day of the lesson set)and parents were yelling at her.

**okay all of this so far isn't too bad because the supervisor, the cashier and I were not mad at each other, and we've worked together long enough not to take offense**

-Swimming lesson instructors were all late and unprepared (making the supervisor and I more cranky)

-Swimming instructor #1 is a shift supervisor. So she should know that the showers don't turn themselves off, yet she left them running every half hour...that's 6 times.

-Swimming instructor #2 did the best at teaching but we managed to annoy each other all morning anyway. It's bad to make first impressions on next to no sleep. We pretty much just snapped at each other every time we came into contact. Will try and be better tomorrow.

-Swimming instructor #3. Today was her first day ever teaching by herself. She showed up 3 minutes before her first lesson started and thus had no time to get equipment and was barely changed in time. She chewed gum for the full 3 hours and one of her children very nearly drowned. A parent stood up and yelled "Hey teachers, that kid is drowning!" before she noticed. She cried after her lessons. Her day was worse than mine.

-All the instructors got a talking to by the supervisor after lessons...making them cranky too.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay for today!

Good things about today:

-I bought a little chocolate hedgehog from the grocery store and the girl let me have it for free (did she sense how in need I was?)

-It was sunny but not overly hot, just nice and a little breezy.

-One of my favourite co-workers is back from vacation and I miiissed him.

I'm taking the sleeping pills tonight. Just to be sure. No one wants another day of cranky sleep deprived Hanna.