Saturday, July 22, 2006


Hey look what I made. That was 6.5 hours of my saturday.
Did I not blog for almost a week? Bad Hanna!

Here's what this week was like:


-sleep deprived

that's all you need.

Oh last night we went and saw lady in the water. I really enjoyed it. It was very...fairytalish and a bit scary but more "things that go bump in the night" scary than "give you nightmares of bloood" scary, so that was good. And it is technically a PG movie.

Oh and I made a new layout for my pixel site: [Hana.Land] so go look! all the pages don't work yet...but it's cute!

So tonight is the Summer BBQ Party at work, so that's going to be fun...and that's all I've got for today!