Monday, July 24, 2006

floofy skirt

So first off I'll give you the cranky post.

I did not sleep well last night.

Suprised? Apparently my body feels that sleeping on a sunday night is useless and no longer wants to do it. Also, Craig neglected me for WOW for the entire evening/night/morning which made me tired and cranky.

Then I naturally overslept. I woke up at the time I should have been leaving the house. I triiiied to get moving and out the door quickly but I was so tired and still a little sleeping pill dopey, so it didn't really work. I was late for work which was okay because no one was there (I opened) but still not the best start for the day. Then I taught aquafit, and I still wasn't moving very quickly...tired, groggy ect. As I was putting the equipment away I found out that Swimming Instructor #3 had called in sick Ten Minutes before her classes started which meant I immediatly started teaching lessons.

Her children are brutal.

One kid had this nasty hacking cough. He coughed constantly for the 30 minutes. I told him that if he was still coughing like that tomorrow he should tell his mom I told him not to come. He seemed confused as to why. I am so going to get sick now.

Three kids cried. One kid purposefully half drowned herself to prove that she couldn't float. Honestly, I'm sure she inhaled water on purpose so she could come up dramatically choking and crying and I would feel bad for trying to make her do it. I didn't feel bad.

Many of the children she thinks are good enough to complete the levels are in fact...not.

So that was fun. Then Swimming Instructor #2 who take 25 minutes instead of the 15 she's supposed to take to shower and change everyday (10 minutes is a lot in lifeguard land) was supposed to be on deck at 12...well it took her 5 minutes to wrap a towel around her waist and grab a tank top. 5 minutes. While my other lifeguard who had rescued us by coming in and guarding while I taught waited saying "I'm not being paid for this 5 minutes!" (5 minutes is also a lot in lifeguard land.) Swimming Instructor #2 finally comes out and is eating on deck. She's not allowed to which I pointed out. Her reply "well I'm hungry!"

I miss having people fear me. I'll have to work on that again.

Soooo....anyway after work Craig picked me up (we were both off at 4 today which was nice) and we went downtown. You see, at the staff BBQ on saturday I fiiiinally (it's my 4th staff BBQ party) won the scavenger hunt. I have to take the credit for it, even though my team was great. We couldn't find a lot of the items, at least not in time, so I printed pictures off Google images. And we got full points. The organizer said "well, I didn't say they had to be real!" fantastic, although not everyone thought so. Whatever, I was due. And it was the right year to win...with the old company the prizes were as follows:
1st year: nothing
2nd year: nothing
3rd year: candy (and the winners were pretty excited about the candy)
this year: $50 gift certificates to the mall! hoorah!

So yes, today I bought a wonderful swooshy skirt with my winnings. It's black and kind of layer with a ruffly's hard to explain, but it's so wonderful. I've been wanting a new summer skirt but couldn't justify it as...well I wear a uniform almost every day. But it was free! And I love it soooooo much.

We also went out to dinner to Moxies...we had avacado spring rolls as an appetizer, soooo good. And I had some kind of chicken, asperagus, roasted red pepper thing on naan bread. I really recommend it if you go to Moxies before the end of summer.

And we visited the pet store, they had the cutest bunnys, they were lionhead...

I want a bunny! Craig informs me that I do not in fact want a bunny. I'm not convinced. Sure they're not kitties and they don't purr. But they are sooooo soft and so amusing to watch hop around. Nothing amuses me more than hopping bunnies...

Okay I'm done.