Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hanna the Gypsy Princess who can do anything!

Before todays story, here is a fun fact about snacks. Do you know how many pringles light equals 100 calories. 12. 12 whole chips. So if you buy the little 100 calories pringles packs...each pack will contain 12 chips. Seems like a great idea. How do you only eat one pack though? Next weeks plan: only take one to work...NOT the whole box. (I have low blood pressure so I get salt cravings/light headed when I diet...seemed perfect).

Okay so, today was photo shoot day. So two girls from the salon that I don't really know (they have a lot of new staff...I don't really know half of them) picked me up as I was carless. We were talking about how I am a lifeguard (as they picked me up from the pool....not the school as they had thought for 20 minutes...I guess they rhyme?) and one of the girls said "So you're like a lifeguard and an artist and a photographer? What are you, like a gypsy or something?".

Ah equals gypsy. I didn't have the heart to tell her I also write, do some graphic design work and make jewlery. Thus I am Hanna the Gypsy Princess who can do anything!

I think the shoot went okay...the light was good...the film was good...the site was good...the girls were rather surly however. "I hate having my picture taken!" Seemed wierd to me as A)They work in a beauty industry! and B)I love having my picture taken. But maybe I'm just wierd. And by wierd I mean vain. Anyway, the film will take a week or two to come back as it's professional black and white...till then I wait I guess. And hope that they come out well so I don't have to make those girls pose for more.