Thursday, July 27, 2006

Onward to China!

Well maybe.

See one of my work friends (I only have work and church friends, because I'm a hermit. Oh and internet friends because I'm a nerd) Cashier Girl was on a camping thinger with her fiance's family (without said fiance sadly) and was talking to an uncle-in-law-to-be about what she does for a living, and it came up that she taught English in China for a few months last year and he says "Oh I go to China all the time!". Turns out he works for Air Canada and figures he can get her a round trip ticket for $60. At this part in the story I butted in and yelled "I want to go to China! Take me to China for $60!"

Sooo...she's trying to contact a couple of her friends in Beijing, she says it's super cheap to eat and live and whatnot there and figures we could stay for a week for around $50. Her u-i-l-t-b is planning on taking his daughter there in October for a week and would love for her to come (and she would love for me to come :P). So who knows...maybe I could see Beijing for a week on a hundred bucks or so. Maybe does seem too good to be true. But if it could work out, I'm so going. Be crazy not to...just for the photography experience alone.

In other news...I was so hot today that my kneecaps were sweating. Ew. I'm off to the cold shower (my third shower today, but who's counting?)