Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sleepy Sleep soon......zzzzzzz

So apparently whining at my library does work. See a couple months ago I went in and noticed that they had Rebel Ice by S.L.Veihl which is book...6 I think...and not the rest of the series. And I told them that that was silly. And apparenly they agreed because they now have the full series. After I read them all by interlibrary loan of course. Oh well, I can reread them now if I want.

The tank tops at work were sadly made for either boys or breastless women. Which if you know me you know I am not. Neither one in fact. So they gap funny in the armpits. very annoying, I shall have to add a couple stitches I think. In related news I had to buy new sports bras today (related because of the gaping armits, bad for lacey bras) and apparently girls above a D cup simply don't work out? Arrrrrgh. *kicks bra making companies*

Yes, bedtime now.

Mother, you abandoned me...I am most displeased.