Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I had the most delicious sleep last night. Truly. I'd do it all over again in a second. Actually I will do it all over again in an hour...or at least I hope so.

Also, we fiiiiiiiiinally got tank tops in at work today. I've been working in possibly the most hot and nasty and humid and sweaty indoor pool in the world in a thick large t-shirt. I just sweat all day. Gross. I shower like....3 times a day on average (today wasn't so hot, so I only had 2). And we finally got nice like meshyish tanks to wear so hopefully I will wear one tommorrow and then...life will be wonderful...or at least better.

Watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2 today. Enjoyed it. Much laughter. Much Jonny Depp prancing around like a fairy. Decent plot. Orlandos character was better than the first, less sidekicky and more...cool. Jonny's not quite as good. Not bad, but not quite as good. Can't tell you anything else, you'll just have to go watch it.

Alas, that killed my evening so I have no pretty shiney things to show you. I have been writting but my beta copy of word expired...yeah, didn't know it was a beta. Don't have another copy at the moment. Bit of a problem. I can still write and all but none of you get to see it...mwahaha...excuse me, I'm a little hyper today.

And that is all