Thursday, August 17, 2006


*cuts out digestive system*

Thaaaats better.

So this week was....alright. Not so terribly warm, so that was nice. I did work out everyday but I didn't eat properly...I can only seem to do one at a time. I miss Cashier Girl, she's on holidays for two weeks. And Supervisor Girl is's sad.

Found out a window painting client I had at christmas got someone else to do their window for Whoop-up days. Probably found someone to charge less. I kind of care, because it's a bit of a burn, but at the same time I'm much to busy to do more windows than just the salon. And I don't feel bad about charging what I do, my time is precious to me and I don't have a lot of it (ahahaha, says the one who lives on the internet...evenings don't count!) So anyway...meh. It was Tim Hortons by the way.

So the latest trend at the pool (we have our own's a very social job, we have cliques and everything...although the fashion is very boring) is throwing two green tea bags in your nalgene and just drinking it sugar. Now New Supervisor Girl (who I shall from now on simply refer to as Supervisor Girl) found some green tea that is actually quite yummy even without sweetener...has jasmine and such in it. I decided to jump on the antioxidant band wagon and give it a go, however, my Nalgene is dark red and I can't tell if the tea is steeped or not. So I went to sportcheck to buy a new one. I only saw coloured ones.

Me: Do you have a clear nalgenes?

Sportcheck girl: No, they don't make clear ones.

Me: Yes they do.

SCG: (as though I am stupid): No...they make those kind of light grey ones, we have those.

Me: They actually make clear ones.

SCG: Well....*sigh* I've never seen one, but I guess you learn something new everyday?

I'm not buying anything from her.

Aaaaand, going camping tomorrow with the parents. Hoooray! Probably going to be my only camping trip all summer. I made trail mix, it includes:
-Honey Nut Chex
-Salted Cashews
-Honey Roasted Peanuts
-Gummy Bears
-Reeses Pieces
-Chocolate Covered Raisins
-Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans.
I blame my parents. Camping was the only time we got junk food. I don't know how to make healthy camping food.