Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Friends

So last night I was reading in bed, as I do everynight, when I caught a glimpse of movement on the far side of the bed. I looked over to see two little furry black ears poke into my vision. For some reason this seemed quite normal to me...a moment later the ears we followed by a furry black face with a white muzzle.

Funny... I thought I don't remember owning a cat...

I sat up to say hi and the cat scampered off into the bathroom and out the window. I called Craig but he didn't get there in time to see it and probably thinks that I was hallucinating. This is not however the first time I've had furry visitors. I had a different cat visit me last year as well as a golden retreiver. That's right, I heard footsteps and walked out to find a golden retreiver sitting in my living room. Animals like my matter what my landlady might think of them.

So I am off to a wedding today. Craigless, as A)he has to work and B)he's not so into going to the weddings of people he doesn't know to hang out with my work buddies. Someone asked me if Craig thought it was okay that I was going to a wedding with another guy. I laughed. Seriously, does wedding automatically equal date? cause that's just weird.

I spent 6 hours on those programs yesterday. But they are very cute. I should get into the wedding business. I can plan them, decorate them, create stationary and I make very nice jewlery...Oh and I've done wedding photography...perhaps this is my calling...

On the other hand, I've spent a couple saturdays at the salon this summer and it reminded me how strange and girly and stressy brides and bridesmaids are. Oh no, my tiara has one less pearl than I wanted...the wedding is ruined! It's really very strange, I don't know if I could deal with them on a full time basis. I like to think that I was a very calm easygoing bride. My mom might have snorted when she read that but really...compared to all the other brides I've known (haha, like you Babs) I was pretty mellow. The closer we got to the day, the less I cared about how many pearl were on my tiara (okay I didn't have a tiara but you get the idea). I think people forget that weddings are really just a big party to let all your loved ones celebrate your new life together. Why be stressy over it? That's my words of wisdom for today. Although I don't actually know if any single people read my blog. Enough rambling, I must get my stuff together.