Friday, August 04, 2006

Argh and Yay!

So first with the Aaargh.
I offered to make programs and gifttags for a friend of mine who is getting married on Sunday. We discussed this 3 weeks ago. She gave me the last of the information I needed last night at midnight! Not only is that cutting it a little close but my printer hates the pretty paper she gave me. It rejects it 2 out of 3 times. It took my 3 hours to design and print the 13 pages of gifttags last night. So about 2 hours of printing....I still have over 100 pages of programs to do (250...2 to a page...125 the rate I was going that's about 10 hours!) So I've been reading e-novellas while I print. I pretty much have to hand feed every single page. Man I thought this would be a super easy way I could help. Ha!

But yay because it is a long weekend! Although I did find out that I actually don't get paid for Monday as it's a civic holiday not a stat. Oh well, at least I get 3 days off. Even if I spend one entire day printing programs. I will spend 3 days in my pjs on the computer if all goes according to plan.

I have been drinking an average of a litre of orange juice a day. That's a lot. It's giving me heartburn. However I think I'm beating this sore throat thing.

and that's all.