Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chai Creme Brulee

So wonderful, it's like chai mixed with butter. Now that might not sound good...but I want to eat it everyday...I don't care how fat I get.

Also I had some sort of prawn thing that was very pretty...so I took a picture:

And more useless pictures from Hanna:

This is me and Cashier Girl...very very hyper...no alcohol involved...just reaaaally hyper. (I'm in the brown top...if you don't know me)

When I'm hyper I curl my nose. I never know I'm doing it till I see the pictures. Why must I curl my nose? So it's Lance (I have no clever hidden name for him) me, Supervisor girl, and Cashier Girl.

Oh look! Floofy skirt day! The term floofy is really catching on at work.

Aaaand, because I was so pretty: