Tuesday, August 01, 2006


So we have a child sponsered with World Vision. He lives in Chile. Today I got a thing in the mail, it's this sticker thing you're sposed to send to your sponsered child. It's for back to school.

What is wrong with these people?

a) He is 18 months old. Not so much into school.

b) Chile is already halfway through the school year, they start in March.

Honestly, they have a whole lot of kids in the southern hemesphere. More than half the countries they work in I think. Why are they so dumb? Makes us look like intolerant North Americans who think everyone has the same holidays and seasons that we do (we also got a bookmark to send in spring...when it is fall in Chile). I'm so not sending that out. And I think I'm going to write World Vision and tell them what I think.

Anyway, I am all prettied up, going out for dinner with my work buddies as our Supervisor is leaving us. :( well at least I'm cute.