Friday, August 25, 2006

See look, I was there

Here's some photos I stole from mom of last weekend.

So mostly I just took photos...

And I made friends with a froggy!

Um, here's proof that I have a looks like we're cuddling but really he was pushing me back and forth so I couldn't get the camera to focus....brat

And a pretty rock I found.

Good times.

Some randomness:

-the tea I've been drinking is Green Tea Super by Yogi. I really like it, Craig thinks it tastes like dishsoap. meh.

-How do I make the photo collages? I open a photoshop document of the right size with a white background. Then I picked the photos and resized and cropped them to the shape I wanted. Often I use the curves ->auto feature to make them look a little better. Then I merged all the photos into one layer (still seperate from the white layer) and made the edges match up by deleting chunks with the rectangle select tool. Then to make the next collage I would arrange the photos to my liking and make them into one I have three layers: 1)white layer 2)previous photos 3)new photos. I would take the magic wand tool and select the blank space around the photos on the 2nd layer, and then got to the third layer and hit delete. Presto, new collage, delete layer 3 and save. You get all of that?

-I thought your vision went funny with that not always the case? I've only had headaches like the one of wednesday 3 times in my life, once when we first moved here and once when I was a kid. I don't likey.

-We went out for dinner and some shopping last night...had sushi and green tea cheese cake...and tempura bannanas and ice cream. Ah, so good! Come visit me and I'll take you to the Lighthouse, it's fantastic.

-I got the Tegan and Sarah DVD...which I am presently watching. And A Brother's Price by Wen Spencer, and the newest Lori Handeland book... The purpose was to buy new wedding bands, as we've both lost ours...but we were overwhelmed by the choices and didn't decide on anything.

-Would it be wrong to get matching Ipods instead?