Friday, September 01, 2006

How old am I?

So I was lifeguarding yesterday as usual, when this kid comes up to me. He was about 12. Maybe a big ten or a small 14, I can never tell.

He says to me "How old are you?"

"25" (close enough, I will be in a month)

"Oh" and he starts walking away.

" you want to know?"

"Oh...well I thought you were in your teens still" And walks away.

I am completely baffled. Was this kid going to hit on me? He comes up to my shoulder so even if I was half my age he still wouldn't have had a hope.

This is third time this summer that someone has guessed me to be a teenager. I have no idea why. I'm not petite, it's not like I wear young clothes (or that they would know, because I'm in uniform). And none of these times was I wearing pigtails. Do I really look like a teenager? I hope not, I wasn't as cute then as I am now. Perhaps it's the fault of the beauty industry. I whiten my teeth, dye my hair and use all sorts of great skincare products....maybe they really did take ten years off my age like they said!

Of course when I was 12 everyone thought I was 16 so maybe I've just looked the same age for 9 years. Well, here's hoping it keeps up for a couple more decades, although I really wouldn't mind if people thought I was 25...I'm in the prime of my life here! (the prime of my life has been consistently changing for years, but I'm positive this is it!)

A related story, for your amusement:
When I was 18 and teaching lessons, I taught this one kid who was 13. He was about a foot taller than me and liked to come right up to me, loom over me, and say in a suave voice "So, got any plans for tonight?" Who hits on their swimming teacher? Who hits on a girl 5 years older? What 13 year old is over 6 feet? I said "Seriously? Go swim laps!"