Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am addicted to Project Runway

And I don't care who knows it! I downloaded and watched all of season 1 last week...and I just got almost all caught up on the current season so I can watch it on TV. Huge gaps are missing in season two though, which is sad.

For those of you who don't know, Project Runway is a reality/contest show for fashion designers. And it's really good, it's not just like DRAMA reality show, it's an actual contest. I want to be a fashion designer!

Sadly I cannot sew. Well...I kind of can. I did make curtains a few years back.

So my solution is I'm going to make doll clothes...how much sewing can that take, right? Hot glue anyone? I've been looking at these very amusing sites where they restyle fashion dolls (like barbies) and make cute clothes for them. I'm going thrift store hunting this weekend. It will be great. Or maybe I will suck and they will look like crap. In my head though, they look really great. (here's a link so you can see what I mean: One and Only Dolls)

Sadly what I really want is one of these: Dollfie. Craig agrees they are pretty but says I will never own one. Anyone got $1000 so that I can have a very pretty and slightly creepy japanese doll? Arrgh, I want one sooooo bad. I need to work on that lottery thing.

Wow. This post was just in case you didn't know what a strange person I am.