Sunday, September 17, 2006

Baby baby baby

So it's finally happened, my first good friend has had a baby while I've been around. So still so little, all red and veiny....but in a cute way. It was baby shower time at the church last night and of course we had to have a Fairy Princess Shower! (it has to be said in bold because it's so exciting.)

Anyway, here's a very unflattering picture of me holding the baby. My my...what a large nose I have.....anyway she was wearing this ridiculously poofy little dress so it was kinda hard to find the actual baby in it.

This is part of the room, we have butterflies and flowers and glass balls hanging from the ceiling and a castle on one wall.

And I took a picture of my present because it is sooooo cute, there were butterflies all over it.

Hmmmm, what else....ah yes, friday...friday was are all the fun things that happened friday:

-My supervisor was in interviews all day leaving us with one less staff and one less kitchen.

-Cashier Girl was gone all we were down to two staff out of four.

-There were THREE work crews in. A bunch of tech guys, a bunch of ventilation guys and a locksmith...all milling around. Oh wait and later there were a bunch of people fiddling with the chemical controls. Plus my boss and his wife. Soooo claustrophobic.

-The deck was freezing and the offices were sweltering because the ventilation was being worked on.

-The computers and bank machine kept going offline becuase of the tech guys.

-Nothing happened from the locksmith, except he called me little girl....wierd.

-I had to rescue someone. You might say "gee, Hanna, I thought that was your job!" However I only have to jump in about once a year and it's usually becuase someone is retarded. Like on friday I was just telling the parents that the little boy needed an adult in the water with him when he fell of his innertube and started drowning. "And that's why!" I finished while holding him up in the water. Grrrrrr. They thought the nine year old was watching him. Brilliant plan.

-The hot tub went green. As in the water was bright green. And smelled funny. I have no idea why, I just shut it down and ran away because it was can't make me stay!